We're creating a place to break free from diet culture.

Because we know that unlearning the rules of diet culture is easier in community.

♡ A curiosity adventure. We learn from each other daily and from anti-diet experts & thought leaders who are invited to speak in The Pantry events.

♡ A sanctuary. Where like-minded folks from across the globe trying to resist diet culture and body oppression while having a great time along the way!

♡ A brave space. Where you can ask for advice and seek support when you need it. A place where there are no silly questions and where we don't shy away from difficult conversations about privilege and marginalisation.

♡ A fat positive & body shame-free zone. We celebrate fat bodies and each others' body acceptance wins, helping you feel more comfortable in the skin you’re in.

We help you build a more resilient body image, become a better anti-diet advocate, meet new  friends and like-minded people in the movement, learn self-compassion and live the life you want - right now - no matter your size.


Regular events, discussion threads & community meet ups.

✨ Tired of hearing about diets/bodies/calories all the time when you're trying to heal your relationship with food?

✨ Insecure about having gained weight and want a safe space to work through those feelings?

✨ Angry at having to deal with anti-fat behaviour at work or a the doctor's surgery or amongst family?

✨ Isolated or misunderstood because most of your friends are still stuck in diet culture and don't understand why it sucks?

✨ Frustrated at society for creating a world so obsessed with thinness and beauty but not sure what to do about it?

Then come join The Clubhouse! 

Scroll to the bottom to choose your plan - you can join for free or pay to be a member of The Pantry.

YOU TOTALLY BELONG amongst a group of people who have also struggled with body shame and disordered eating / dieting

YOU ARE SEEN & LISTENED TO with an arena to express your excitement, anger, pride, pain and concern and be supported or encouraged by peers

ONLINE SPACES CAN BE FUN AGAIN without the toxic culture of Instagram/twitter and you can actually connect with people, no trolls allowed!

YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS and not feel embarrassed because you're in a brave space where we aren't scared to "get it wrong"

YOU ARE ARMED with more knowledge and understanding of the toxic nature of diet culture in order to combat it in the wider world and to teach others the anti-diet way

YOU'RE LESS ON YOUR OWN; even if your family or friends don't fully 'get it', you have a community online that understand why diets suck

These feelings are all possible if you join the 100+ others who are currently all working towards body acceptance in The Clubhouse.

Where do I access the content and events?

The Clubhouse + The Pantry are both hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks; because we want to build a space away from traditional forms of social media. As much as we love ‘the gram’, it’s not the place to get to know each other properly or discuss anything with nuance and sensitivity. What we love about Mighty Networks is that it functions like a Facebook group (but isn't Zuckerberg-owned) and it has a great mobile app, meaning you don’t need access to a computer to make the most of your membership. 

The events are all held virtually on Zoom and you can join these directly from the Mighty Networks app.

If I only signed up for a free membership to The Clubhouse - what will I miss out on?

Free membership to The Clubhouse includes access to the community forum, our interest groups (like the book club, yoga club, film club) and our perks & discounts.

What isn’t included is our monthly life drawing workshop, sharing & support circles, the expert events, movement classes or resource library.

Can I change plans once I'm a member?

Yes! If you sign up for a free membership and would like to become a member of The Pantry you can do that on the platform, by heading to The Pantry (premium) and signing up. 

If you'd like to downgrade to a free membership then please contact us and we can make this change.

I have more financial access, how do I support you more? 

We'd love this! By signing up to our Supporter Price plan (just £10 a month) your generosity will enable us to keep Anti Diet Riot Club and The Clubhouse offering free support and content for people wanting to reject and rebel against diet culture.

Why do I have to pay for The Pantry and what if I can’t afford it?

Anti Diet Riot Club is set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means that we put our social purpose and the interests of the community before  profits. However, even with these values at our heart, we still have overheads to cover, experts to pay properly, and of course bills to pay. We've added a free membership to The Clubhouse in order to make it as accessible as possible to more people, but realistically we can't offer everything for free.

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